Monday 20 February 2012

Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

I love to crochet small toys for several reasons:

1. They are quick to finish compared to larger projects like a blanket.
2. They are a great way to use leftover yarn.
3. They are adorable.

I recently finished crocheting these two friends:
Lily Cotton:Warm Brown, Yellow, Mod Pink; Safety Eyes: Ebay; Felt, Buttons, Sewing Thread, Polyester Stuffing: my craft stash

I love them so much! They turned out so well and are by far my favorite toys that I have crocheted (so far, at least).

I love the button earrings and the full skirt on the girl monkey.

And look at how cute the tail is peeking out from under her skirt at the back.

And here is the boy monkey in his coordinating scarf.

The boy monkey from behind.

The pattern for these monkeys can be found in the fantastic book "Amigurumi World - Seriously Cute Crochet" by Ana Paula Rimoli. This book is full of adorable critters to crochet; needless to say, there are many more toys that I want to make.

Stay tuned for more crochet toy creations....


  1. Adorable little monkeys Rachel! The earrings are my favorite part.... so cute.

    Great stuff!

    1. Thanks Vic! It is all in the details, isn't it? Thanks for checking out the blog.