Saturday 27 June 2015


"A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week, in 2015."

The last day of school, and the beginning of what is sure to be a fantastic summer break. I'm so proud of you girls and all that you have learned and accomplished this year.

Joining in with Jodi for the 52 Week Project.

Tuesday 23 June 2015

In the Garden

In the garden this week we have gorgeous flowers:
Baby rabbits that thankfully would rather eat the lawn than the lettuce:
And our first strawberries ever:
Things are good in our garden....

Saturday 20 June 2015


"A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Filling the bird feeder is a very sought after job. Of course the number of cans of bird seed that you each put in the feeder has to be absolutely the same. Things must be fair; we can't have one of you get more or do more than the other. 

Joining in with Jodi for the 52 Week Project

Thursday 18 June 2015

Taking Stock

Right now I am:

Making: my Cozy Stripe Blanket
Cooking: vegetable fritatta (will be soon, anyway)
Drinking: strawberry wine
Reading: old issues of Mollie Makes - for inspiration
Wanting: a vacation
Looking: out the window at cloudy skies
Playing: country music on the radio
Deciding: that if I skip washing the windows this summer, life will go on
Wishing: the weekends were always three days long
Enjoying: an evening at home
Waiting: for summer holidays to begin
Liking: how green and lush the garden looks
Wondering: if I should teach Bridget cursive writing
Loving: the taste of local strawberries
Pondering: a work opportunity and what it might mean for our home life
Considering: a little getaway for Steve and I
Buying: summer dresses
Watching: the crackles at the bird feeder; we need to ration the seeds
Hoping: the weather is nice on the weekend
Marveling: at the succulent on the window ledge that is miraculously still alive
Cringing: at the thought of going grocery shopping again
Needing: some 'me' time
Smelling: the lavender candle burning on the kitchen counter
Wearing: work shorts and a t-shirt, both of which need to go in the laundry
Noticing: I have a sandal tan on my feet
Knowing: that I need to take some time to relax
Thinking: about all there is to do, and then bringing my mind back to now
Sorting: clothes - mine and the girls
Getting: hungry
Disliking: bills and how expensive everything is
Opening: my latest library book and realizing it is not for me; back it goes
Giggling: at Claire's kind but humorous description of a neighbor
Feeling: calm and anxious at the same time
Snacking: on roasted chickpeas
Helping: the girls with their spelling - they are both writing books
Hearing: the doves singing in the yard

(writing prompts courtesy of Pip)

Monday 15 June 2015


As soon as I saw the latest sketch challenge at The Memory Nest, I knew I would be making a card based on it.
I find it fun and challenging to shrink a layout sketch down to fit on the front of a card...
I used paper from the Sweet Girl line by Echo Park to make my card; my favorite thing is the little girl chipboard.
More inspired work based on this sketch can be found at The Memory Nest.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Saturday 13 June 2015


 "A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Bridget: There is rarely a time when your nose is not in a comic book, much to Daddy's delight.

Claire: With Bridget away at sleepover camp, we went Uptown for a special afternoon, just the three of us. You were so happy and it brought tears to our eyes when you exclaimed loudly "I love my parents."

Joining in with Jodi for the 52 Week Project

Thursday 11 June 2015

My Crochet Slump

It pains me greatly to say this, but I was in a bit of a crochet slump for the last few months, not all that motivated to crochet.

I think it may have started when all the gardening work needed to get done. Hours hunched over in the sun is certainly exhausting, and there were many nights when I sat down to crochet my cozy stripe blanket and promptly fell asleep.

But things are entering the maintenance phase in the garden – daily watering and a little weed pulling – and I have been making my way back to my crochet.

I have been working on a few small projects, things that will be finished relatively quickly, as a way to fuel my excitement and provide a burst of motivation.
And I have set a few mini goals for myself with respect to my cozy stripe blanket....such as “get the violet row done today”..... which is also helping.
Hopefully I’ll have some crochet love to share with you soon. Other things took my time and energy for a while, but I'll always come back around to crochet.  

Tuesday 9 June 2015

In the Garden

Things are growing quite nicely in the garden.

We lost a few carrots, and one pepper plant (thanks to a crazy squirrel that loves to wallow in the garden, especially just after we have weeded and loosened up the soil) but other than that, the plants are thriving.

The leeks and beets are doing very well (a lot better than I thought they would, to be honest).
And the lettuce is ready to harvest! We had a salad the other night with greens from the garden - red leaf, butter crunch, spinach, kale, and even a few quinoa leaves - and it was delicious. Nothing tastes better than 'fresh from the garden'; I can hardly wait for the tomatoes.
But it is not all veggies...the flowers are looking lovely as well.
I love my little gnome...goodness, I looked all over for a nice one and was so happy when I found this guy.
The garden is off to a good start this season...making this gardener very happy!

Sunday 7 June 2015


 "A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Matching swimsuits and matching smiles - you are so happy that the warm weather is here and that you can spend the afternoons swimming in the pool and running around the backyard.

Joining in with Jodi for the 52 Week Project.

Monday 1 June 2015

You Are My Sunshine

With summer soon upon us I was inspired to create this summer sunshine card using this latest sketch from The Memory Nest.
Jillibean Soup papers were a perfect and obvious choice.
As always, more amazing projects based on this sketch can be seen at The Memory Nest.

Happy First Day of June (already!!??)