Tuesday 9 June 2015

In the Garden

Things are growing quite nicely in the garden.

We lost a few carrots, and one pepper plant (thanks to a crazy squirrel that loves to wallow in the garden, especially just after we have weeded and loosened up the soil) but other than that, the plants are thriving.

The leeks and beets are doing very well (a lot better than I thought they would, to be honest).
And the lettuce is ready to harvest! We had a salad the other night with greens from the garden - red leaf, butter crunch, spinach, kale, and even a few quinoa leaves - and it was delicious. Nothing tastes better than 'fresh from the garden'; I can hardly wait for the tomatoes.
But it is not all veggies...the flowers are looking lovely as well.
I love my little gnome...goodness, I looked all over for a nice one and was so happy when I found this guy.
The garden is off to a good start this season...making this gardener very happy!

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