Wednesday 27 June 2012

What I Do When I Feel Overwhelmed by My 'Craft Projects To Do' List

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the craft projects that you want to complete?

I do.

Last week I had a moment when I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed by my 'Craft Projects To Do' list.  Was I ever going to get these projects done? When would there be time for these crafts?  How would I fit them in between cleaning, cooking, laundry, work....all those everyday tasks that need to get done but that I would sometimes rather leave for more crafty endeavors?

To battle this feeling I began by making a list of my projects.  

I then decided to not buy any more supplies or start any more projects until the ones on my list are complete; no sense adding to the pile.  This makes so much sense, but sometimes I am lured in by the excitement of starting a new project and I buy supplies when there is already so much to be done sitting in the cupboard at home.  

Finally, I cleaned up my craft area.  Over time I had managed to spread out all over my table for paper crafts, another for sewing, and a pile of stuff in the corner that needed to be put back in its place.  After a short while of sorting, putting things away, and tidying the towering piles of paper, fabric and random stuff, I felt better.  Looking at a tidy and organized space is much more calming than looking at a disaster zone.  And in cleaning up I found a previous list of 'Craft Projects to Complete' that I was able to stroke a majority of things off.  That felt better, for sure.
Paper Storage - everything back in its place

My craft table.  It is never completely cleared off, but at least the supplies I no longer need are back in the cupboard and I can see my work space.  I have already started working on my scrapbook catch-up....these pages are from January.

Once things were under control I was able to take a deep breath and prioritize.  The first thing I need to do is finish my youngest daughter's baby book (she turns three in a few weeks so it is high time) and then catch up on some scrapbooking which has fallen to the wayside while I have been working on my One Pad Challenge (click the box on the sidebar to read about this challenge).

Making a list, deciding not to add to that list, and just tidying things up really helped me relax.  I feel better now.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by your 'Craft Projects To Do' list?


  1. I usually hide (in front of the television or computer) when I'm overwhelmed...some people call this procrastinating. I call it avoiding an x-acto knife injury (I know I left one under a stack of papers somewhere). Seeing your tidy paper stacks makes me want to grab some oven mitts (safety first) and get my rear in gear...and my paper organized....heck I may even clean my stamps! :)

    1. Good luck with getting your supplies organized! Thanks for reading.