Wednesday 25 July 2012

Gone Fishing

For Claire's birthday, I made her a fishing game.

My inspiration for this project came from here but I made a few changes to this pattern to make it my own.  

The pattern that I used for my fish can be found here.  I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Hot Green, Hot Pink, Hot Blue, Orange Chill, and Purple Power.  I made two fish from each color.

I made the worm as follows using a 3.5mm hook, and then made the fishing rod:
  • ch 3, sl st in first ch to form a ring
  • R1: 6 sc in ring
  • R2: 1 sc in each sc around (6 sc)
  • R3: repeat R2 until worm measures 3 inches long.  As soon as it fits, put a very strong magnet into the bottom of the worm.  Stuff your worm lightly with polyester stuffing as you go.  When your worm reaches its final length, fasten off and leave a long tail.
  • To make the fishing rod:  Take a small dowel rod and drill a small hole about 1/2 inch from one end.  Take the long tail that you left when you finished your worm, poke it through the hole in your dowel rod and tie a few knots to hold it in place. 

I wanted something to hold the fish and that would work for Claire to fish out of so I made a basket.  The pattern is from Lily Cotton (click here for basket pattern) and is very simple. The yarn I used is cotton, but I do not know the brand or color; I bought a gigantic bag of it at a yarn sale a few years back.  
Claire loves fishing.  She especially likes to yell out which color fish she caught.  So cute! 

Are there any games that you have crocheted for your kids?  Please share.  I am always looking for cute crochet projects like this.

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