Wednesday 15 August 2012

Crochet Stash Basket

A few weeks ago when I told you about our trip to Ottawa I mentioned that I had almost finished a small crochet project.

Well, I made this stash basket and it now sits on my kitchen counter.

It holds all of the receipts, mail, and notes that used to float all over the counter and get in my way.  I love that everything is now neatly contained in this basket.  Organization is bliss! 

I also love having a handmade basket on my counter; it just says ‘home’ and ‘comfort’ to me.

The pattern for the basket is from Lily Cotton (click here for basket pattern).

I used a 4.0mm hook for this basket which worked very well.  The basket is stiff enough to stand upright on its own, even with very little inside it.  A few years ago I made the same basket using a 6.0mm hook and it turned out rather floppy - the only way it stands up is when it is stuffed right full of stuff.  Bottom line: Hook size is important when making this basket, and a smaller hook will make for tighter stitches and a sturdier basket.

The yarn that I used is also from Lily Cotton – Lotus Blossom.  I love using variegated yarn for projects like this.

What handmade projects have you made to help organize your home?


  1. Hey, great basket! I'm almost finished making one myself right now. Different pattern though.

  2. Love this basket, have downloaded the pattern. Now all I need to do is learn to crochet!

    1. This would be a great project to learn to crochet. One stitch, back and forth....and in the end you would have a pretty, useful basket. Good luck. Crocheting is so much fun!