Friday 8 February 2013

Valentine's Day Heart Garland

Ahh, the season of love is upon us. And nothing says love like a bunch of hearts.

I got to crocheting these hearts last week. They are so quick and fun to do and are really quite addictive.
When I had seven hearts done, I strung them together to make a Valentine's Day Heart Garland.

The pattern for the hearts and the garland is not my own, but can be found here. I used Lily cotton yarn for this project and a 3.5 mm hook.

Deciding where to hang my garland was the next step. Where in my house needed a little prettying up? The kitchen - lovely as it is. The living room - already overrun with pretty floral pillows, candles and the like. Hmm, I know - the laundry room.

I hung my garland across my laundry room window (I made the valance for this window using this tutorial).
Now when I go into the laundry room, this string of lovely hearts catches my eye and makes me smile. I love it. And my girls think it is "so beautiful".

I know that a Heart Garland is a Valentine's Day decoration, but would it be so bad if I left it up there once the day has passed? Maybe for the rest of the winter until I make a Spring Garland to replace it with?

Are you crocheting anything for Valentine's Day?

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