Thursday 9 May 2013

Gardening: Early Spring

The weather here has finally improved. Thank goodness, because this past winter seemed incredibly endless. Within the last week the temperatures have gotten warmer, the landscape has turned green, and there are signs of life and growth in the garden.
I spent a good portion of the past week and weekend working in my garden. It felt so good to get my hands in the dirt, to clear away all the dead leaves, and help the new plant shoots push through the soil.

I wanted to share with you these pictures of my garden, because in addition to crafting I really do enjoy gardening. I find it incredibly therapeutic to dig in the dirt and to tend to my plants. Plus, living where I do, the green of spring is so nice to see after the long, cold, white winter.

This is a small garden beside my deck. I have sedum, daisies, hens and chicks, chives and lavender growing here. Plus a few other things that I do not know the name of...maybe once they bloom the names will come to me. So far everything is looking good. I have high hopes for this flower bed this summer; we are going to plant some vegetables here, and try everything in our power to keep the rabbits from eating them.
This other small flower bed is on the side of my house. How pretty that there are early spring flowers blooming here (I don't know the names of these plants that are blooming). This garden is also looking good.
The next two pictures are of the flower gardens at the front of my house. Cleaning these beds up after the winter nearly killed me. There is a large maple tree growing in the front yard and it sends all these tiny surface roots right into this flower bed. I spent three hours one afternoon on my hands and knees working the soil and pulling four buckets full of roots out of the garden. That night I went to bed at 9:30, absolutely exhausted. I currently have hosta and lilies growing here, but will need to add some more plants in the coming weeks once the nights stay warmer.
I am feeling very positive about my gardens this year. The three that I have seem a manageable amount - enough space to grow different plants to enjoy, but not so much that I become completely overwhelmed by the amount of upkeep required. It is a balance, you know. I always feel very energetic and ambitious in spring but need to remind myself that other things will demand my time this summer and that when it is blazing hot outside it can easily become a full time job just to keep all these plants watered.

I hope you have enjoyed this little departure from my usual crafty posts. I just wanted to share something else that I do, lest you think I spend my days with nothing but a paper cutter or a crochet hook in my hand.

And as my plants grow and bloom, I will post updates here.


  1. Isn't Spring a gorgeous time of year! I bet your garden must be looking even more gorgeous by now!

    Thanks so much for sharing this post at the Say G'Day Saturday linky party last week. I will be featuring it at this weekend's party.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    1. Natasha, thank you so much for featuring my post. I love spring, especially watching everything turn green and bloom. My gardens are looking lovely and waiting for some new plants to be added. Thank you for reading.

  2. Come party with APIMP!

    I would love for you to share and link up at my TGIF Link Party.

    Hugs, Cathy