Wednesday 8 January 2014

A Red Winter Doll

After I finished crocheting three dolphins and four Star Wars characters before Christmas, I thought I would take a little break from making crochet toys.  I did, for about a week, and then I started making this little guy.
Isn't he adorable? The pattern can be found here.

One of my favorite things about making this cutie is that the head and the body are attached to each other using a large safety eye. This was recommended in the pattern and I think it is a brilliant idea, something that I may try with some of my other crochet toys. I have found sometimes that sewing the head of a toy to its body both neatly and securely can be incredibly time consuming and a little difficult. Using a safety eye eliminates the need to fiddle around with a needle and makes for a nice neat finish. I love it.

I am also very happy with how my embroidered snowflakes turned out. Embroidery is something that I am new to and want to get better at. I love the detail it adds. 
I just love making crochet toys. I have so many, and so many more that I would like to make. They look so cute standing around the house and tell everyone who comes to visit that this is the home of someone who 'makes things'. Having crochet, or anything handmade in my home for that matter, makes me feel very cozy and happy. 

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