Friday 23 May 2014

Mandala Maddness

I now completely understand the current mandala obsession in Blogland.

They are so fun to make!!!! The best part, in my opinion, is deciding which color to work the next round in. I have collected all my cotton yarn into one basket and put it at my end of the couch where I have sat this week happily working the rounds and smiling while I pick which color to use next. It has been a very happy crochet week.

I have made these two mandalas already and am currently working on my third....with thoughts of a fourth not far off.
The pattern for this one can be found here.
And this pattern can be found here.
So pretty and so much fun to make.


  1. Love them! Wondering what you'll use them for?

    1. I have a few ideas for them already and will share soon. Stay tuned Jane.

  2. How pretty!!! And I LOVE that owl below!!