Tuesday 18 November 2014

Maybe Next Time, Ripple....

My ripple blanket and I have parted ways.

I have not given up completely on the notion of a beautiful ripple blanket on my couch, I have just given up for now.

You see, I was rippling along, confident that things were all well and fine, until suddenly it all went wrong. Nothing was matching up, my work was all wavy, and for the life of me I could not see where I had gone wrong. I pulled out several rows, hushed my family so I could count and recount my stitches, and then in a somewhat humiliating fit of frustration, threw the whole thing into the bottom of my project basket...where it has remained for the last week.

I just do not have it in me right now to fight with this pattern, to count and recount umpteen times trying to get it right. Maybe someday, but not now.

What I need now is a simple project, one that requires minimal, if any, counting, one that I can work on while watching a movie, answering homework questions, at the coffee shop...

Life is busy right now and to be honest I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. I need a crochet project that is simple and satisfying; I do not want to crochet for an hour only to rip the whole thing apart because nothing is matching up. Crochet is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not wrought with frustration, anxiety, and bad words.

So to that end, I have started a v-stitch blanket - a beloved pattern of mine that is both simple and relaxing. I have made several of these blankets and they are perfect for working on amid distractions, easy to pick up and put down as needed.

This is what surrounded me after work last night - a cup of tea, a candle and my blanket. After a hectic work day, and before the nighttime routine of dinner, making lunches, and bedtime began, it was incredibly calming to sit and make v-stitch after v-stitch while chatting with the girls and listening to them play...
A v-stitch blanket suits me just fine for now. As for a ripple, maybe next time.


  1. That's why I never cared for crocheting...too much work!
    I want to relax not count! Good luck w/ your new project!

    1. Yes, crochet can be a lot of work....and sometimes I like that..but I need a simple project now, something to relax to. Thanks for the well wishes, Doreen.

  2. I love a quick project with no counting involved too. Yes its supposed to be fun and I wish you luck on this project!

  3. Sounds like you chose the right time to take a break from this pattern. You may have an easier time when you return to it. Your knitting is always gorgeous!!!

    1. Oh thank you Leslie. I am hoping that someday I will crack the ripple pattern, but for now I am on to simpler things.