Monday 25 May 2015

In the Garden

Last week was a worrisome week in the garden. After all the planting we did, there were a few nights with the threat of frost so we had to run about and cover all our plants to protect them. Even with taking the necessary precautions I was still concerned - it was so unbelievably cold outside. Thankful everything survived just fine and we are looking at warmer, more seasonable temperatures this week.
The cold did do the tulips in, so I am glad I got this picture before they started to fall apart.
This is my Happy Flower Garden and I love how it looks all summer long, with different things blooming at different times. It runs along the side of my deck and I have a chair there that I love to sit in; it is one of my favorite places.
Every time I get on my knees and work my hands into this soil, I feel a deep sense of calm. I can breathe deeper and easier, and I feel truly at peace. Is this the magic of gardening? It sure feels that way to me.

This week, I am hoping for some rain, and wondering just how long I have to wait before I can start snipping fresh herbs (I just planted them last weekend) from the garden.

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