Monday 28 September 2015

Random Thoughts

  • The weather is changing. I need a light coat in the morning, the afternoons are warm, and the crisp evenings are perfect for opening the windows. We have a tree in our front yard, and one of my favorite things is falling asleep with the bedroom window open, listening to the wind blowing through its leaves.
  • I make banana chocolate chip muffins a lot. So much in fact, that I may be a little sick of them. So this week I think I will bake a pumpkin loaf instead - perfect for autumn.
  • I went on a rampage a few weeks ago and ruthlessly cleaned out my closet....which felt great. Things are sparse in there now, but in a good way...what remains are clothes that fit my life, things that I will actually wear. That being said, I bought a new dress the other day.....and I have absolutely no idea where or when I will wear it.
  • Coffee is one of my favorite things. I will never understand people who do not drink coffee; how on earth do they function?
Just a few random thoughts....have a great day!

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