Wednesday 28 September 2016

Now is Now

With school back in session and activities starting up again, I am finding it increasingly difficult to focus on Now, to ignore the never ending to-do list in my head and just see and savor what is in front of me. I wish this was not the case and I am trying to change things up a bit in order to keep present, but goodness it is difficult.....

That being said, I took a good look around the other day and really soaked in my surroundings, what is making me smile, and I decided to come back to this space and jot it all down.
  • Fall has officially arrived, both in terms of the calendar and the weather. I love fall. I love the colors on the trees, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, and that fact that people are more dressed out in public.
  • My new succulent, which I really hope I do not kill. I know these are supposed to be simple houseplants, the sign at the store even assured me of that, but that does not mean it is safe in my house, under my care.
  • This article about the little things in life being most stressful...funny and true.
  • A long weekend coming up
  • Crochet (has this ever not been on my happy list)
  • Kale in the garden. Once winter comes I am going to really miss strolling out to the garden to harvest a handful of kale when I need it. 
  • Watching Bridget volunteer at school and really take an active role in the community there
  • That my dining room drapes are finally hemmed
  • The geranium still blooming on the patio
  • Lavender cuttings on the kitchen windowsill

What is making you smile today?

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