Tuesday 31 January 2017

Attic24 Weekend Bag

So sorry about the lack of crafty talk around these parts lately. I've actually been quite busy, have gotten a few things done, but was unable to take any decent photos due to the constant gloominess and the lack of proper light...

But that all changed on the weekend when FINALLY the sky cleared and the sun came out. My mood instantly lifted and I jumped at the chance to take some photos before it clouded over again.

Today I would like to show you my Attic24 Weekend Bag which I finished about a week ago.
The simple pattern for this bag can be found over at Attic24 along with detailed photos showing each and every step of the bag's construction; this is truly a quick and simple project, an absolute breeze to work up. As for yarn choice, Lucy has three color palettes available which can be ordered from the Wool Warehouse. The Heatwave color pack was all but screaming my name so I went with that and I absolutely loved working with these lush and vibrant colors, especially during this gloomy and bleak January.  I have quite a bit of yarn leftover and am already thinking about what to make with it, until then it looks quite pretty sitting in my yarn drawer.

My favorite little detail on the bag is the flower; I love both the color combination and the dimension. In fact, I may use this pattern to make a few flowers for my wreath which I am slowly getting back to working on.
I'm not sure I am going to use my bag as an actual purse and stuff it full with my wallet, keys, glasses, planner...it seems too pretty to use for that and I do think that I would need to line it if I wanted it to stand up to such rigorous daily use. Instead I am leaning towards using my bag to hold a small crochet project or even a little sewing.

I'm not sure what I would do without pretty crochet to get me through the long, dull winter.

What are you working on?


  1. That bag is awesome. I'm crocheting Lucy's Moorland blanket now because you never have enough crochet blankets at home... .Lucy's projects are always really beautiful, aren't they?

    1. Oh I adore Lucy's projects. She always gets the colors just right; she is such an inspiration. Thanks so much for your sweet words about my bag and happy crocheting on your Moorland Blanket.

  2. Your bag is so pretty! I've seen some of thes bags around on blogs and I think they're really cute. Your stitches are so nice and neat. I hope the colors have lifted your mood. Thanks for joining in with my link party!

    1. Oh the colors have lifted my mood tremendously! Thanks so much Jennifer for your kind words about my bag.