Wednesday 1 March 2017

A Pink Crochet Bowl

Like all little girls, Bridget loves to collect random things and keep them in little boxes, bags, baskets....whatever she can find really. Of note, is her lip balm/chap stick collection which she was storing in a flowerpot that she decorated at a birthday party years ago. With her collection growing, the flowerpot was not working anymore, so I made her a crochet bowl.... 
You may ask why so many chap sticks/lip balms are needed, but did you know that you choose your lip balm based on your mood? Today Bridget was feeling like vanilla coconut.

I love being able to use crochet to organize things in my home; it just looks so much prettier and cozier to me than a plastic container....or a flowerpot covered in dusty foam stickers.

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  1. Great idea! My daughter would love a few of these in her bedroom, I think.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, and if your daughter is anything like mine, she'd love a bowl to put her treasures in...