Thursday 6 April 2017

The Maybelle Blanket

This blanket happened quite by accident.

I was camped out in my "crochet corner" on the sofa and quite happily began making flowers using the leftover yarn ends from my Cozy Stripe Blanket. I had a vague idea to make a bunting, but soon realized that I had enough yarn to make a blanket - a stash-busting blanket of sorts if you don't count the cream and tan yarns that I needed to buy in order to make the flowers into squares and to join everything together. And so I made my Maybelle blanket. I hadn't intended to, in fact I had yarn all lined up for another blanket project, but this one just sort of happened and luckily so....

As I recovered from my surgery, and as I worked through a little setback that filled me to the brim with anxiety, I crocheted this blanket. There are tears and healing in the stitches; this blanket represents my journey, in a way, to the place I am now - a happy place, a healthy place....

The patterns for all parts of the blanket - the flowers, turning the flowers into squares, joining the squares, and the border - can be found at the beautifully inspiring blog My Rose Valley.


  1. I love your blanket!It's a lovely way to get rid of some stash. I think I'll write it down on my to-do list...:)Irune

    1. Thank you Irune. I am so happy that I was able to make this blanket mostly from yarn ends.