Friday 20 October 2017

Knitting with Oma

The first time I tried to learn how to knit I was using knobby and feathery yarn (two strands held together), I couldn't see my stitches, the yarn kept splitting, and in the end I was all tense, I had a cramp in my hand, and I was sweating like I was running a marathon. I did not have an enjoyable time and my work was an absolute mess, good only for the trash.

After such a frustrating experience I didn't think I'd pick up knitting needles again, that is until a few weekends ago when my Oma insisted on teaching me how to knit.....speaking to me in German for most of the time. It was an interesting afternoon for sure, but surprisingly I was able to follow what she was saying and have learned a few of the basics (all those years of German School definitely came in very handy).
I've made a few mistakes here and there, my tension is uneven, the edges are a little wonky, and I've dropped a stitch or five...but all things considered, I think it is looking pretty good.
I'm enjoying knitting and am excited to see where this leads.....could this be the beginning of a new yarn craft adventure???

Special thanks to my husband for picking up the camera and taking these pictures, capturing a very special moment indeed.


  1. You did very well there, learning to knit with the added complication of trying to master a pattern too. No easy task. Cathy x