Friday 15 December 2017

Christmas Succulents

Each year as I consider the people on my Christmas list, there is one person for whom I know a handmade gift is ideal - my Oma. She loves handmade, treasures these gifts (she still has the picture I drew her in kindergarten hanging on the fridge), and receiving them makes her very happy.

Last year I crocheted her a butterfly, and a few years ago, an owl...and she loved them both.

This year I decided to make her a little pot of crochet succulents - Christmas succulents, if you will.
I've made quite a few little crochet succulents this year, but this one is by far my favorite. I found a handy little trick to make the 'dirt portion' (light brown) a perfect circle rather than a hexagonal circle and it has made all the difference. The 'dirt' fits better into the pot and as a result the succulents themselves sit better when they are sewn in place. I am quite pleased with this little garden and I can't wait to give it to my Oma on Christmas Eve.

I don't crochet many gifts for Christmas for the plain and simple reason that there are not many people on my list who are that interested in crochet or handmade gifts. But when I do give a handmade gift to a loved one and they love it to bits, well that makes me very happy indeed.....

Pattern for Succulents: Five Little Monsters
Pattern for a Perfect Crochet Circle: Spincushions
Yarn: scraps of Stylecraft DK


  1. Arh they look lovely Rachel. It's good that you were able to adapt the pattern. I hope she loves them. I've not made plants before though I have seen knitted ones. Cx

    1. Thanks Cathy, I hope my Oma likes them too. I have also seen knitted plants, which are lovely, but I am biased and prefer crochet. I have quite a few ideas on how to adapt this pattern and am planning some plant crochet in the new year.