Sunday 18 February 2018

A Canadian Toque and Scarf

Standing in the snow, wearing boots, sweatpants, and my newly crocheted red and white toque and scarf, made me feel like the All-Canadian-Girl.
I am quite proud of my hat, as in all my years crocheting this is the first hat that I have ever made. The pattern is from Megmade with Love, a free pattern on her website. I used a thinner yarn than she did so I needed to play with the number of pattern repeats a bit to get a hat that fit my head, but it all worked out in the end.
My scarf is made with a new-to-me stitch pattern, the Millstone Stitch. Once you get the hang of it, this pattern works up quite beautifully and is very rhythmic to work on.
After many years of putting it off, I finally bought a new winter coat for myself, and this scarf and hat look perfect with it. We've had some hints of spring the last few days but I know better than to declare the end of winter; with a few more months of cold and snow ahead of us, I'm glad to have a lovely toque and scarf to get me through.
Patterns: Hat, Scarf
Yarn: Stylecraft DK in Cream and Claret
Photo Credit: my husband and his 50mm lens


  1. I love your hat and scarf Rachel. The colour looks very sophisticated and the pattern is good and well chosen. Your fashion shoot looks fun, Cathy x

  2. They look really snuggly snd warm, a job well done :) I was admiring your coat, it also looks super warm. Xx