Friday 11 January 2019

Crochet Pumpkins

January is not typically pumpkin time - that honor being reserved for the autumn months - but I made four amazing pumpkins back in October and never got around to sharing them here. I love them so much that waiting until this fall to share would be ludicrous, so today is the day.

The patterns for all four pumpkins can be found over at Megmade with Love. I just love Meg's blog - simple and beautiful crochet projects, well written patterns...a wonderfully creative space.

The first pumpkin I made was this plaid beauty.
I thought this one would be difficult, with all the color changes, but it was not at all. You actually carry the yarns along on the back of your work as you crochet, picking up each color as needed, and it is quite simple and straightforward. This is my second favorite pumpkin in my collection. 

These two were also a joy to make - a striped pumpkin and a polka dot one.
But without a doubt, and by far, my favorite pumpkin is this one: the rustic doily pumpkin.
This one is quite large, much larger than the others, and it looked very silly when I was working on it, like a weird, white circular pillow. Once the doily and the ribbing were added though, it took on its amazing pumpkin shape.
I made the doily on top in black so that it would look like a spider web, and then, at the suggestion of my Claire, crocheted a little spider to attach to the top. The spider is, I think, the crowning finishing touch.
Both the doily and the spider were made with crochet thread, which I had never worked with before. I found working with crochet thread a little challenging, much more fiddly and slow going than I am used to, but the results are so outstanding, I am glad I persevered.

So what do you think? I love them! I would really encourage you to have a go at making these, they are so fun. Add them to your autumn crochet list, okay.

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