Wednesday 7 March 2012

Something More: How Fabric Flowers Transformed my Pillow from Done to Detailed

I recently finished off a project that has been on my list of "Things to Do" for quite some time.
Pillow Front

Pillow Back

I made this 14x14 pillow using leftover flannel from little blankets that I made for my daughters' doll beds. When it was done, I propped it up, stood back, and thought to myself "It's done, but it needs something more."

With scrap fabric and random buttons in hand, I made fabric flowers following this tutorial from The House of Smiths

For the petals, I used scraps of striped flannel (the same as I used for the pillow back) and scraps of white flannel.  Coordinating buttons finished off the centers of the flowers quite nicely.  The flowers were so easy to make.  To attach them to the pillow I just tacked them down using sewing thread.

They are the perfect 'something more' that my pillow needed to take it from done to detailed.

And here she is all finished up and sitting on the chair in my daughter's bedroom.  

Wouldn't these fabric flowers look amazing on a picture frame, a lamp, the cover of a scrapbook album, a tote bag?

How would you use these flowers to take your project from done to detailed?


  1. I love it!!! Those fabric flowers are SO adorable! :) Nice work Rachel!

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! Your flower tutorial was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to add that extra detail to my pillow.

  2. I am about to make some pillows for Hannah's window bench. I'm not ready for the flowers, but would love a lesson on how to make your cover fit so tightly over the pillow. My last ones were baggy...