Wednesday 23 May 2012

Three Reasons Why I "Multi-Craft"

I sew.  I make cards. I scrapbook. I crochet.  I do home decor projects.

I am a "mulit-crafter" and proud of it!

I do all these crafts for three reasons:

1. There are so many wonderful crafts out there to do....why not try and love them all?

2. Sometimes I am not in the right mindset for a particular craft and another is better suited to where I am creatively.  For example, sometimes designing a card or scrapbook layout is not going to happen - I am too tired, my mind is scattered...whatever the reason, designing something from scratch is not in the cards.  So I turn to crochet, where I can follow a pattern and still feel accomplished during my craft time.

3. I want to keep my skills sharp in all areas.  In particular, sewing.  I sew, but not as often as I pursue my other crafts.  So every so often, I pull out a sewing project so that I can keep my skills up to snuff.  Believe me, after not sewing in a zipper for several years, it was like I was doing it for the first time when I put one in my pillow.

What about you?  Do you multi-craft or are you dedicated to just one craft?

I'd love to hear what crafts you do, how many, and why.

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