Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Crochet Halloween

Last year I decided to crochet some Halloween decorations for our home; we didn't have any decorations and while I was okay with that, the girls were getting more and more excited about Halloween and their excitement was truly contagious. Decorations were needed, but I decided that if I was going to get into it, I was going to get into it my way - Crochet Style. Nothing scary. Nothing gory. Nothing big and plastic on the front lawn. Just some cute crochet Halloween friends. I could live with that.  Turns out the girls love these friends too.

I made this pumpkin last year.  The pattern called this a dishcloth, but I use it as a window hanging instead.

I also made Caspar the Friendly Ghost last year.

And this year, to add to the collection, I made this witch.  I just finished her yesterday...phew, sometimes I forget how much work it is and how much time it takes to make these crochet toys.  I am so happy with how she turned out.  It's too bad she'll be going back in storage soon...I may need to keep her out for a bit....she was a lot of work....

I'm not sure what I'll add next year.  Any suggestions?

Happy Halloween!

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