Wednesday 3 October 2012

The Garden Patch Granny Afghan: A Long Awaited Update

Oh dear, it was not my intent for so much time to have passed before I updated you on this big project of mine.  So sorry about that.

Here is where I am at:

I have been crocheting away quite vigorously on my squares.
Right now I have two of each rectangle completely crocheted and awaiting blocking and seaming.

I also have one of each of the five rectangles completely blocked and seamed together.  After I block a rectangle I label it with a piece of paper tied on with yarn so that I can keep track of which rectangle is which for when I seam the whole blanket together.

If you remember from the introduction to this project I have four of each of the five rectangles to make.  With one of each rectangle already completely blocked and seamed, and two of each rectangle crocheted and awaiting blocking and seaming, this means that I have only one more rectangle to crochet and a whole lot of blocking to do.  Excellent progress!

Here are the five rectangles that are blocked and seamed together.
Rectangle A

Rectangle B

Rectangle C

Rectangle D

Rectangle E

As I move along and block more rectangles, the blocking process does become a little easier.  One thing I have found is that the rectangles with many small squares (rectangles A and E) are definitely more difficult to block than those that have more medium and large squares.

Even though blocking is becoming easier, I would still choose to crochet. Crocheting is definitely the more fun part of making this blanket.

And I am happy to say that, as I vowed, I am putting my ends in right away which has made my life a lot easier.

And now a little bit about the yarn I am using - Vanna's Choice.  It is lovely yarn.  Great to work with and very soft; it is going to make a lovely blanket. And the colors are just gorgeous.  I do think  that I am going to have a lot of yarn leftover though.  I am working on my last rectangles now and have just started my second ball of each color.  But this does not bother me really, because the wheels are already turning as to what project I could make with what may remain.

I am really getting excited about my progress on this blanket.  It is coming together so nicely and I hope to have it done by Christmas which I think is a realistic goal.

How lovely it would be to curl up under my Garden Patch Granny Afghan and sip hot chocolate while the snow falls outside and the Christmas lights twinkle.

With that image in mind, I am off to crochet.

Back sooner this time with an update....

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  1. Rachel this is so beautiful. You are doing a wonderful job. I am anxious to see the final blanket, it will be stunning!