Wednesday 11 April 2012

The Garden Patch Granny Afghan: An Introduction

I have always wanted to make a blanket for the couch in my living room. For years (yes, years) I have searched for the perfect pattern, the perfect yarn, and the perfect colours.  And I did not have any luck....that is until just before Christmas when I found this pattern for the Garden Patch Granny Afghan by Lion Brand.  Check it is gorgeous!

It was love at first sight - small, medium and large sized granny squares crocheted using beautiful yarn in incredible colours, and then joined together into a gorgeous afghan!!!!

Added bonus: the yarn (Vanna's Choice) was on sale during Boxing Week for $2.49 a ball (regular $5.99).  Excellent!

So I have started this project and I am so excited about it.  It is a big one, to say the least, so I thought I would introduce you to the project today and keep you posted as I move along.

The one alteration to the pattern that I made was to substitute the following colours:
  • (133)Brick, for (105)Pink
  • (134)Terracotta, for (142)Rose
  • (135)Rust, for (143)Antique Rose

The colours that I chose to use are more orange/red than pink and will match my living room decor better.

First I set up my 'project basket':

These are all the colours used, but only half the yarn.  The other half of the yarn is in a tub in the basement - told you it was a big project!

I then crocheted a large square,

a few medium squares,

and a handful of small squares.

Now, as the pattern goes, a slew of large, medium, and small squares are crocheted in various colours, and colour combinations, and are then arranged into five different rectangles.  The squares in each rectangle are then sewn together, and then the rectangles themselves are sewn together into the finished afghan.  Make sense?  If not, check the pattern.

I have squares for one rectangle fully crocheted.  I still need to block them and sew them together, but here they are all laid out so you can see how they will fit together.

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

I have realized that I will need to make myself a blocking board for working on this project so until I get that done I am going to keep crocheting and simply sort the squares I make into baggies labelled for each rectangle (A to E).

I am having a blast working on this blanket.  I love how the colours are coming together.

I'll keep you posted.....

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