Wednesday 25 April 2012

Wreath Gone Wrong

I've always loved the idea of yarn wreaths as a way to add a seasonal and homemade touch to my home, and as a way to use up some of the yarn in my (enormous) stash.

But I have never made one because those foam wreath forms are not cheap.

So when I read about someone who had used a pool noodle to make a wreath form....well, I thought it was a brilliant idea and ran to my shed to grab a noodle.

I mean, making something using something that I already have...that is right up my alley.

As my girls stood in the kitchen with me, questioning what I was doing with their pool noodle, I cut it to size and began 'duct taping' it together to form a circle, assuring them that I would replace it and that I was using this particular noodle to make something beautiful.

I then grabbed some yarn from my stash - Lion Brand Homespun - and began wrapping my wreath.

I got so far wrapping yarn around my wreath - and I loved how it looked - when I got sidetracked...and I did not get back to working on it until the next afternoon.  

At that point, it looked like this....

Instead of a circle, it was getting a point on the one side as the ends of the noodle pulled apart.  

So I ripped the duct tape off, glued the ends of the noodle, and then duct taped them together again.  That did not work - it still pulled apart.  

I then ripped everything apart, cut the noodle ends at 45 degree angles, glued them and duct taped them together using an insane amount of tape.  

Still no success.  I had a pointy wreath and it looked ridiculous.

So I gave up.  

I figured that while the noodle had been free, I could have bought a wreath form for the cost of all the duct tape that I used.  Not to mention, I would have saved myself some time and frustration, and would have actually had a spring wreath to hang in my window.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

But I did want to post about this unsuccessful craft project to remind everyone, myself included, that not every project turns out perfectly, or even decent for that matter.  And that is okay!  

And I have to admit, maybe sometimes it is best to buy the proper supplies for a project rather than try and do things on the cheap. (Though, to be honest, I will still fall prey to frugal and brilliant ideas like making a wreath form from a pool noodle.)

Has anyone else used a pool noodle to make a wreath form?

Any suggestions as to how to avoid a pointy wreath?


  1. I love that your craft didn't work. It kind of looks like everything I've ever tried to make!

  2. Here is a tip: