Wednesday 4 April 2012

Vintage Pattern Jackpot

A few weeks ago I was in a local used bookstore browsing through the crafting section for some vintage crochet patterns.

I always enjoy looking at these patterns because while the color schemes may be a little dated, the patterns are still valuable and can easily be worked using modern color combinations.

Plus, they are cheaper than buying current patterns...and I always find it interesting how cheap these patterns were to begin with.  I mean, $0.95 for a pattern book???

Anyway, I had no luck in the crafting section, but on my way out of the store I hit the jackpot.

In a large box, destined for the trash, lay this pile of vintage crochet books.

I rummaged through the box quite enthusiastically to find each and every crochet pattern book that was in there, and yes, the store owner looked at me like I was a little nuts.

Oh well, I brought home a pile of vintage crochet patterns.


Sure the colors are dated, and I can not imagine crocheting a chair for my living room....

But there are some beauties that could easily be updated to a more modern look by changing the color this table cover.

Or this afghan...

I would definitely suggest looking for vintage patterns the next time you are in a used book store, or even a thrift shop.  You never know when you might hit the jackpot.

While I have yet to make anythings using one of these patterns, I certainly have plans to - I really like the table cover (shown above) and think it would look great on my kitchen table.

Do you search for old crochet patterns?

Have you ever made something using an old pattern?

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