Wednesday 16 January 2013

Three Things

Three things that have made me smile this week.

My new floral coffee mug. I found two of these at Home Sense a few weeks back and fell in love with them - they had to come home with me. My coffee definitely tastes better when I drink it out of this pretty mug.
My new Le Creuset stock pot in Cherry Red. Oh I have been wanting this pot for such a long time, and must have been a good girl as I found it under the Christmas tree.  Last week I made Butternut Squash Soup in my new pot and it was delicious....and cooking soup was much more fun with a pretty, colorful pot to look at.
The little princesses that Claire brought upstairs to keep me company while I finished off three (yes, three!) crochet projects yesterday afternoon. I had a wonderful afternoon crocheting in the company of my talkative Claire and these lovely ladies, and I look forward to showing you what I have been up to.
What has made you smile this week?

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