Wednesday 3 September 2014

Do You Crochet Christmas Gifts?

Working on my Christmas blanket has caused me to think a bit about Christmas. In September, I know, but bear with me.
Specifically, I have begun to think about what I may crochet for those on my gift list.

Do you crochet Christmas gifts?

I really love the idea of doing so, and I have done a little bit in the past, but it has been my experience that not everyone appreciates a crochet gift. I mean, I would love it if someone made me something for Christmas - I love handmade things - but the fact of the matter is that not everyone else does.

So I am left to wonder if it is worth it? If I know a handmade gift will not be appreciated, do I even bother, or do I go ahead and make something anyways in the hopes that maybe this gift will be the one that turns a person on to the the beauty and charm of the handmade?

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