Monday 29 September 2014

Mastering the Ripple

Oh, the ripple. The crochet pattern that produces such gorgeous blankets (like this one). The pattern that is praised for its calm, rhythmic tempo as one crochets it.

Oh, the ripple. The pattern that I could never seem to master, that caused me great frustration and the occasional tear. Until now.
Yes, I am happy to say that after three starts on this blanket, (meaning I counted the beginning rows furiously and then made some small error that meant the whole thing needed to be ripped apart and restarted three times) that I have finally mastered the ripple.

With these three rows completed, I am on my way to a ripple blanket. It will be all one color, as I was able to get the yarn (Bernat Denim Style) at a sale and the colors were very limited, but if all goes well I just may make a colorful ripple blanket down the line.

But for now, I am going to enjoy making this blanket - it is very soothing to crochet - and be happy in that fact that I was finally able to master this pattern.

Have you made a ripple blanket? How did it go?

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