Friday 23 January 2015

A (Fun) Craft List

Today as I was making my grocery list and my ‘to-do’ list for the weekend, I got to thinking about what other lists I could make. You know, more fun lists. Lists that include something other than ‘clean bathrooms’ or ‘milk, cereal, bananas’.
So I sat down and made this list of the crafts that I want to work on/accomplish/complete in the next month or so (very loose deadline here, nothing hard and fast).
  • Design Team layouts for February
  • Build 30 Days of Lists book – so I can start this project in March (details to come)
  • Claire’s 1-5 year photo book (details to come)
  • Cozy Stripe Blanket – keep going!
I am keeping the list short as I do not want to be overly ambitious and then end up overwhelmed. After all, the everyday and necessary lists still need to be ticked off. And of course I realize this list is in no way as urgent as the grocery list – we will run out of milk sometime tomorrow so best we get some more – but I am hoping that corralling all these craft project ideas into one list will help to keep me organized and focused. And then there will be the satisfaction of stroking a project off the list – is there any greater feeling than that?

This is not an original idea, I am sure, but I am excited to see how it goes. And I look forward to checking in here and letting you know how my projects are coming along.

Have a wonderful weekend and hope you get some crafting done.

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