Friday 2 January 2015

Three Things

Three things that are making me smile this week:

My sweet Bridget who turned 8 years old on December 31. She is such a happy girl. I love her so much and am so proud of her. She makes me smile everyday.
Paper Whites. I planted the bulbs before Christmas. An overachiever, this one bloomed well before the others had begun to grow. Such pretty white flowers, especially nice to have on a grey winters day.
Wonder Woman. Steve bought me this little figure/statue for Christmas as an ode to my role in the house....or maybe as a joke?
As you start the New Year, what is making you smile?


  1. Hi Rachel, wishing your daughter a Happy Birthday! Have a Happy New Year in 2015!

    1. Thank you so much Julie. Happy New Year to you as well - all the best this year.