Friday 6 February 2015

Cozy Stripe Blanket Update #1

It's Friday, thank goodness. Sometimes the end of the week can not come soon enough.

I wanted to pop in today and show you my progress on my Cozy Stripe Blanket. I first introduced this blanket here and have spent many wonderful hours since crocheting away.
Stripe after strip of beautiful color - the perfect remedy to the cold winter.
One of my favorite things about this blanket is the random order of the colors. I am always excited to see which color comes next, and though sometimes the next color seems an odd or unlikely choice to me, it all comes together rather beautifully with the just the right balance of neutrals mixed in with the brighter and bolder shades.

I did run into one small hiccup a few weeks ago when I noticed a mistake and had to rip out many rows (sad, I know, but it had to be done as the mistake was glaring at me each time I looked at my blanket). It was terrible; I was sweating and near tears, but knew I would not be happy if I did not fix my error. Thankfully all is well now and I am carefully checking each row as I go along to avoid another mistake.
This blanket is the perfect winter project and working on it makes me so happy.


  1. Rachel, that blanket is absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE the colors. If I lived closer to you, I would have you teach me how to crochet!! ;)

  2. It's growing so beautifully Rachel! And you were the reason I taught myself to crochet. I used Youtube videos, so no excuses Leslie!

    1. Knowing that I inspired you to crochet makes me very happy happy to have spread the crochet love.