Friday 31 July 2015

Flowers for Yarndale

By far, one of the best things about last week when I was on vacation, was sitting on the deck crocheting. The weather was fantastic, not too hot with a gorgeous breeze, and I really enjoyed sitting with my feet up and my hook in hand. I could most certainly get used to afternoons such as those.

What was I making in my time of bliss you ask? Well, my cozy stripe blanket is much too big to be worked on outside (not to mention, I would have been mighty hot underneath it) so I took the time to work on a smaller project: these flowers which I will be sending off to be part of the Yarndale Community Project.

I made this pink flower one afternoon while the girls swam (and screamed) in the pool:
And this red posy at a friend's house one evening, and then I put it together the following afternoon on the deck while the girls were quietly reading their library books:
Though I am not able to go to Yarndale (due to the ocean in between me and the festival), I love that I can still contribute to it and that my flowers will join so many others from all over the world to create what is sure to be a stunning display of crochet.
As I was working, I thought about the other people making flowers for this project: where they might be; what the weather is like where they are; are they too watching their children as they crochet...and it makes me feel very connected to the worldwide community of yarn crafters, a feeling which I love and which I thank the Yarndale Community Project for encouraging.


  1. What gorgeous flowers you crocheted Rachel! Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Thank you Julie. It was fun to work on such a pretty little project.