Friday 29 January 2016

Project Life: Eastern Canada

I realize that there have not been any scrapbooking posts here in quite some time, but for good reason: I have been busy working on my scrapbook for our trip to Eastern Canada (I shared about our trip here and here).

We took thousands of pictures on this trip and in order to include as many pictures as possible in my scrapbook I decided to make a Project Life Album.

To begin, I organized my photos by place and/or event. I am now working through selecting the pocket pages and photos for each layout. It is a very slow process since, like I said, there are a lot of pictures to look through.
I ran into a small hiccup when I discovered that the place where I normally print my pictures has lowered their quality considerably, but after Steve did some investigating, we found another photo studio that prints better quality photos; I will be going there from now on.
I bought a few themed cards (Road Trip and Travel) to write titles and journaling on, but I am going to wait until all the pictures are in the album before I start adding words. I am so glad that I kept a journal when we were on our trip otherwise I may have forgotten all of the small details, the silly comments, the music, the thoughts.....everything that made this trip special.
These tall envelopes are perfect for storing postcards, booklets, brochures and other memorabilia.
I am really happy with how everything is coming together. Looking at these pictures makes all the memories of our trip come rushing back; I can smell the ocean, feel the sand beneath my toes, feel the wind on my face, taste the fish and chips....I remember the days like they were yesterday....


  1. I still have my empty bottle of Raspberry Cordial that I bought at Green Gables when I visited there in September 2014 :) Your photos reminded me of a wonderful trip. Thanks! xx

    1. Glad to have reminded you of your trip to Green Gables...thanks Gracie