Thursday 15 December 2016

Color Block Blanket Ta-dah

Inspired by the yarn in my yarn basket and how well it matched with the quilt on my bed, I began my color block blanket journey back in July.
When I started my blanket I was deep in stash-busting mode, but after crocheting several blocks of color using only yarn from my stash, my blanket was quite oddly shaped - wider than it was long - so I needed to purchase some additional yarn. Isn't this how it always goes? You start off trying to use only what is in your stash for a project but then halfway through realize that more yarn is needed. In truth though, after making this blanket, my yarn cupboard is a little less stuffed, so all in all, even though a yarn store trip was necessary, I am calling this a stash-busting success.
Are you ready to see my blanket laid out in all its glory? Well then, may I present to you my beautiful color block blanket:
This blanket is such a beautiful burst of color and is perfectly at home in my little crochet corner.
Now, in making this blanket, I learned an important lesson about yarn that I feel is my duty to pass on to my fellow crocheters: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton is not the same thickness in all colors. I crocheted eighteen rows of purple, orange, teal, and yellow and the width of all the color blocks is not the same. I did not actually come to this realization until I was working with the navy blue - which is much thinner than the other yarn colors - and by then it was too late to go back and fix the the other color blocks. If you just look at the blanket and don't actually measure the width of the blocks, it is not too obvious, but still, this was not what I was going for. I wonder if this is the case with other yarn types, is it the dying process that changes the thickness of the yarn? Anyone know?

Also, does anyone else keep all their yarn labels until the project is finished and then throw them out?
Lessons and imperfections aside, I am very happy with my blanket. Making this blanket was a very happy journey and one perfectly suited to sitting on the couch after a long day, watching a program on television, and crocheting away. And I do love the large blocks of color and the fact that there were only a few ends to darn in, unlike my Cozy Stripe Blanket which had millions.


  1. Hi Rachel! I know that this is an old post but I was wondering what size hook did you use? Did you follow the label's recommendation or did you do your own thing? Thank you I hope the blanket I am working on looks as beautiful as this one!

    1. Hi Caitlyn. I used a 6mm hook to make this blanket (I believe the yarn itself called for a 5mm hook). I hope your blanket turns out well...isn't making blankets the best?