Wednesday 7 December 2016

Now is Now

During this very full time of the year, I believe it is even more important to be intentional with our time, energy, resources, and spirit. And I am trying. Some things have been easier than others, no doubt, but all in all, I am feeling more present this year, more relaxed. In the end, I want to enjoy the holidays, not merely survive them and come out on the other end a frazzled mess, and by doing the following, I think I am well on my way:
  • I've kept Christmas decorating minimal. We have our tree up, and a few Christmas vignettes here and there, but not much else. I love the way my decorations blend into the normal decor and look of my house rather than overwhelm it, and I love that it did not take me days to decorate everything. How minimalist I've become...
  • We got our calendar organized early on and intentionally left some days empty to just relax and see what comes (good thing, because we were just invited to a photo exhibit this coming Sunday that I am super excited about)
  • Letting go of disappointment and hurt and accepting that all I can control is what I do and how I react to things (not easy, but it does bring so much peace when you just let go)
  • Christmas cards made and sent by the first week of December. I love doing this every year as it is such a fun and creative family activity.
  • Getting the shopping done early
  • Accepting what is not for us. I will probably not be doing any Christmas baking and I am okay with that. I don't love baking cookies and would rather spend my time in the kitchen making other things. And the girls don't seem to miss it. The last few times we baked Christmas cookies, they lost interest very quickly and were off playing together while I was left alone in the kitchen finishing up the decorating and not really loving it...all this to say that Christmas baking is not our thing, and that is perfectly okay.
  • Taking some time in December to do some things that are not Christmas related. I don't know why, but this is important to me, to not do Christmas all month long and sort of wear it that weird? 
  • Finding encouragement - this post was particularly good.
Being present for the holidays is the best present I can give myself. But then, a year of intentionally trying to be present in the Now rather than rushing on to the next thing has really been the best gift I could have given myself...

How are you staying in the Now and enjoying the holidays?

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