Friday 14 July 2017

Olive the Owl

I've found over the years, that my crocheting changes when summer arrives. In the heat and humidity, I am less inclined to crochet blankets that are uncomfortably hot in my lap while I'm working on them (it's better to leave those for autumn when I can curl up underneath my project) and I opt for smaller, simpler projects. I also find that I crochet less in the summer. With the longer days, I am outside more - working in the garden, walking, biking - and so there is less hooky time. It's not a bad thing, just something I've noticed, a sort of ebb and flow to my crafting.

That all being said, my most recent summer-appropriate project was an owl, Olive.
I've made this pattern twice before, for the girls, but this one is for me. And learning from my experience crocheting the chemistry set, I made a little bean bag for the bottom of my owl; Olive stands so well on her own as a result. I quite like her.
I have really rekindled my love of amigurumi lately. Back when the girls were babies and toddlers, I did so much of it until my enthusiasm dwindled and I took a little break. But now I have countless sticky notes in my pattern books, marking which patterns I want to make next, and I am back to buying crochet cotton (my yarn of choice for amigurumi) with is an incredible feeling, I'm telling you!

What are you crocheting?

Pattern: Daisy Cottage Designs
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton
Needed in Your Life: Absolutely 

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