Wednesday 12 December 2012

Yarn Ball Wreath

Remember the yarn ball ornaments that I made last week?

Well, I put them on a wreath.
Now I can hardly take credit for this idea - there are loads of such wreaths all over Pinterest - but this is mine and here is how I put it together.

I made six yarn ball ornaments following the tutorial that I shared with you last week.
I got my evergreen wreath - which I purchased for a steal in the after Christmas sales last year - out of storage.
And some small glass bulbs which I purchased in the same sales. (Look closely and you'll see my awkward photo taking pose reflected in the bulbs).
Then I started putting the whole thing together.

To attach the bulbs to the wreath I pulled the evergreen shoot through the hanger on the bulb and bent it around until the bulb was firmly secured.

When everything was in place, I hung the wreath in my dining room window. 
Very festive! 

(I am so glad that this wreath project was more successful than this disastrous attempt).

I love it! And am so glad that I was able to use yarn in my Christmas decorating.  

I have a few other ideas, things that I would like to add to my wreath (sometimes it looks a tad sparse to me, like something is missing), but I may not get to that before Christmas.   

There is always next year, right?  

So, what do you think? Like my wreath? Think it needs something more? Made a yarn ball wreath of your own? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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