Thursday 13 February 2014

A Granny Square Scarf for My Sweet Girl

My sweet girl Bridget has her birthday on New Year’s Eve.  For her birthday that just passed (I am a little late sharing this project with you) I made her this granny square scarf.
When you are making things for your children, do you work on the project after they are in bed or do you work on it when they are around, hoping they won’t notice or ask too many questions about what you are doing?

For this project I did a bit of both. I made all the squares while Bridget was awake..and she never asked what they were for, just commented that she loved the purple I was using. 
But when it came time to put the scarf together, I saved my work for when my inquisitive little girl was tucked in bed, because I knew she would pester me with questions about who the scarf was for, and I was not sure I would be successful at deflecting her inquires. 

When she opened up her present on the morning of her birthday, her first comment was “So this was what all those squares were for”. And later, after she had tore through her other presents, and we had enjoyed a pancake breakfast, she came to me quietly and said “Thank you so much for making me a scarf Mom. It is so special to me because you made it.” 
Melting my heart, my sweet little girl.


  1. Hi this granny square scarf is cute and I love your color choice!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

    1. Thanks Julie. My daughter loves purple so I had no option but to use her favorite color.

  2. How beautiful! My heart is warmed that she loved it so much, and especially that she loved that it was made by you.
    Thanks for linking up to the Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party!

    1. My heart nearly bubbled over when she came to me and told me how much she loved her scarf. She is such a sweet girl and really loves handmade things...which makes me so very happy.