Friday 21 February 2014

With My Leftover Granny Blanket Yarn....

The leftover yarn from my Garden Patch Granny Afghan has been sitting in this basket in the living room collecting dust for over six months.
I tried making a ripple blanket ...but that did not work out (why I can not figure out the ripple pattern is beyond me, I will have to try again some other time) so I have been searching around for the perfect project for this yarn, something to make for my house since I love the colors and they work so well with my decor.

Finally I was able to call off the search after I received this stunning book for Christmas and saw this gorgeous pillow. This was it, the perfect project, a Sunburst Motif Cushion.
I know I said after I finished my Garden Patch Granny Afghan that I was going to take a break from projects involving squares that need joining, since joining all the squares for the blanket nearly killed me, but making a pillow doesn't seem so bad. Yes I can do it, there will not be that many squares to join, and it will look lovely when it is all finished. Plus, I have always wanted to make a crochet cushion.

I have been working on this slowly over the last week, often derailed by fatigue and the need to work on my tired craft, but it is coming along.

I will need 16 squares in total for the front of the pillow, and have these five completed so far.
The center colors are just what I think looks good together from in the basket, and I am doing the outer round in Beige. I will be joining all the squares together in Beige as well. Not sure what I am going to do for the back of the cushion - more small squares, or one large square, I have not decided quite yet.

I am excited to see how this pillow looks on my sofa...especially how it mixes with the ones that are already there.

It feels really good to have a larger project on the go, something to really sink my hook into and get really excited/obsessed about. Something to bring me through the rest of winter.

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