Friday 28 March 2014

My Vacation Scrapbook in Progress

Looking through vacation photos makes me want to do just that...go on vacation.  I have been working on my scrapbook from our holiday to Hilton Head Island last summer and wishing very much that we had another such trip planned for next week. To see the ocean, to hear the waves crashing on the shore...I could most definitely handle that. The wheels are turning and I am devising various plans to get us back to the ocean....all in time though.

Meanwhile, at the kitchen table, I am using a Project Life album to document our vacation. I am a little late to jump on the Project Life bandwagon, but I can easily see why it is so appealing to people. I have included so many more photos than I would have if I was doing more ‘traditional’ scrapbook layouts. And while it is taking me some time to select and edit the photos I want to use on each page, once I have the photos in hand the pages come together quite quickly.
I have not done any journalling yet - I want to wait until I am certain I have the pages in the right order and the pictures in the right places. And I am planning on adding titles and fun embellishments in some of the other blank spaces.

So far so good though and moving along quite quickly. A great approach for capturing vacation memories, I think.


  1. Looking good. PL is def great for documenting a lot of pictures (like a vacation). I got one book but haven't gone back to it. I was using it for extra pictures! I am sure I will work on it again...

    1. Totally agree Leslie...I am having so much fun with this album.