Monday 24 March 2014

Granny Cushion Ta-Dah!

Good Morning. How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic partly because I finished my Granny Cushion on Saturday evening. And it turned out so beautiful.......I am quite proud of it is exactly as I envisioned it in my creative mind when I began....I am so pleased with it.
As I mentioned before the pattern for the squares came from page 48 of this book. I made each square with a different color combination and tried to space out the colors so that the same ones were not right beside each other on the front of the cushion. Sixteen squares were made in total.
In this post I talked about my ideas for making the back of the cushion and left you with my plan to do a striped back. Well, I did do that but not without a few less than stellar attempts: a totally blue back that was just plain boring, and a back that was mainly blue with three evenly spaced yellow stripes that reminded me too much of a college sweater.

In the end I went with a totally random stripe pattern and I love it. It allowed me to include so many more colors and it matches the homespun nature of the granny front.
I crocheted the two sides of my pillow together - a simple round of single crochet around the edge while holding the two pieces together and making sure that the corners were lined up.
The pillow form I purchased was stark white and shone through the crochet when I put it inside my cover; this looked quite terrible and sort of ruined the look of the pillow. To solve this problem I purchased some broadcloth in almost the same color as the beige yarn that I used on the front of the cushion and made a simple envelope pillow cover which I slid over the pillow form before putting it into my finished cushion cover. The form is now nearly invisible when you are looking at the front of the pillow,
and blends so much better when you are looking at the back. An extra step, but well worth it as the finished product looks so much better.
I am quite smitten with my new pillow. I love how it looks in the living room and how it adds yet another homemade touch to my home. And it was quite enjoyable to work on this project during this last bit of winter....


  1. Your cushion turned out real pretty! I love the back almost as much as the front, tough decision to choose which side to display!

    1. I have heard that from a few people now - they love the back as much as the front - and I completely agree. Thanks for reading.