Sunday 2 March 2014

This Week

This past week sickness ruled our home. Ear infections, colds, coughs, and while the rest of the family has fully recuperated, I am still fighting a stuffy head and nose. It has been hanging on for over a week now and it is fair to say that I have had about enough.

This was the scene on my kitchen counter for most of the week.
On Thursday, I purchased myself some tulips...fresh, colorful, springy flowers to help cheer the place up. It did help a bit, though not having to blow my poor nose so often would definitely help as well.
I blame the weather for all this sickness - the unrelenting cold, all the snow, and the fact that as we begin March there is no end in the immediate future.

But at the same time, the fact that I can not seem to kick this cold I blame on the rush of life. I have been going full tilt since Christmas, running from work, to chores, to cooking, to yet another load of laundry, without a moment to stop and breath in between. I have been exhausted, worn out and worn down. Such busyness does not agree with me and something must be done to ease my workload....

So today I am taking it easy. I am still in my pajamas. The last load of laundry is in the dryer and I only need to turn the crock pot on in a short while so that it can cook our dinner for us. Then I am going to spend the day crafting - a little crochet, a little scrapbooking.

A little relaxation to help me recuperate. And then there is only four more days of work before Spring Break when I will be off with my girls.....I can not wait.

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