Thursday 17 July 2014

Sunshine Pillow Ta-Dah!

Good morning!

Well today is a happy day....I have the day off work to spend with my girls, the sun is shining, and I have a finished project to show you.

Presenting my Sunshine Pillow:
Isn't it gorgeous? I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.

I sometimes find variegated yarn a little iffy to work with, not knowing where the colors will change as I crochet along and how that will affect the overall finished project. Well, it turned out okay here if you ask me.

My Sunshine Pillow is at home on our bed, adding a pop of yellow to an all white duvet cover (that I put on the bed a few weeks ago when I could not stand the site of our 10 year old one anymore).
Little squares of sunshine for the front:
And sunshine stripes for the back:
All that remains of my variegated yarn is a very small scrap, so in addition to its absolute gorgeousness,  I can declare this pillow another stash-busting success. My yarn bin is getting emptier and emptier...

I am certain I have said this before, but as I add another crochet creation to my home, I feel the need to shout my love for the handmade from the rooftops (well, not really) again. Since I really got crocheting again, maybe five years ago now, I cannot believe all the things that I have made, many of them for my home. I love the homespun and cozy feel all these yarn creations add, the way they reflect my personal taste, and that they are unique and one of a kind. Hooray for handmade!

Wishing you a happy day full of sunshine.