Monday 7 July 2014

Three Things

The summer has been very full so far and I have really enjoyed taking a few moments away from all the busy to appreciate the simple and beautiful things that surround me.

My tiger lilies are blooming and I am thrilled. After years of having the new shoots eaten off by bunnies, I have these gorgeous, orange flowers to look at. I consider this to be a great gardening victory, though in truth I did very little to make this happen other than hoping that the bunnies would stay away...and that seemed to be enough.
My daisies are also in bloom. I love daisies - in fact they were my wedding flower - and each year I look forward to them blooming.
My new garden gnome. Isn't he adorable? I found him on clearance at the local nursery and he makes a great addition to my garden.
So again, the garden and outside things are making me smile today. But after the winter we had, can you blame me?

What is making you smile today?


  1. Beautiful flowers, especially the lilies. And your gnome is really cute :-)