Friday 29 August 2014

Gathering Supplies

The squirrels in my yard are busy gathering nuts and acorns. I read a book once in which the people watched the activity of squirrels in the fall as an indication of the type of winter to come - the busier the squirrels, the worse the winter. Yikes, looks like we are in for another brutal one.

So I have been busy gathering supplies as well. My children are at camp this week which has provided me with a few free hours at the end of each day - most of which I have spent either crafting or buying craft supplies in preparation for the cold months ahead.

But I have been good and know exactly what I am going to do with about 85% of all the supplies I have bought....which is perfectly acceptable as far as I am concerned.

Want to see what I have procured?

1. Scrapbook paper - for layouts and card making.
2. Fabric - for pillows. Now I just need to find some pillow forms on sale.
3. Yarn - so many projects on the docket. I managed a trip to the big annual yarn sale in a small town not far from where I live; I behaved myself and only bought yarn for specific projects.
As much as I am sorry to see the summer come to an end, part of me really looks forward to the cooler weather when it is perfectly acceptable to hibernate in ones' pajamas and work on crafts. And I am gathered, ideas bouncing around my head. The winter is coming anyways, might as well be prepared for it.

What crafting supplies have you gathered lately? Have you been busy like the squirrels?

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