Monday 13 April 2015

Three Things

Three things that made me smile on the weekend.

A surprise gathering for my birthday. It was truly the last thing I was expecting and I was so happy.
Beautiful flowers (from my hubby) and a gorgeous red owl (from my Mom). The owl is intended as a garden ornament, but I am not certain I will be placing him outside in the dirt....he may find a home inside the house.
The tulips are coming. I look at the rest of the garden and am quite overwhelmed by all the work that needs to get done, but seeing these shoots pushing out of the dirt makes me smile.
Hope you had a great weekend full of smiles.


  1. Always enjoy seeing your 'smiles' post and I agree that owl is way too lovely to put out in the garden.

    1. Thank you Jane.I think I found a perfect place for my owl inside the house.

  2. Happy Birhtday! I love the flowers and the owl are so nice! So glad you had a nice weekend. Julie

  3. Happy Birthday! What a great picture of you and the girls!! ANd love that owl!!