Wednesday 22 April 2015

Very Early Spring Garden

We had some incredible weather on the weekend – warm and sunny – so we took full advantage and did a little work in the garden.
Mostly clearing out the dead stuff and pruning.
It looks so much better.
The tulips are growing.
The daffodils are blooming.
And I can see some green shoots and buds on my hydrangeas. I am so excited to see these bloom. We planted them in early summer last year, missing their flowering, so I cannot wait for them to burst into color this spring.
As for the vegetable garden, the garlic I planted in the fall has shot up, and we did plant some spinach seeds on the weekend. It will be at least a month before we get any more plants in here....after all, this is Canada and we could very well still get frost.
I cannot remember ever being in the garden so early in the feels really good to have a head start on things.

What also feels good is having sore legs from all the bending and reaching that I did.


  1. It looks like you are going to have a nice garden & it was perfect weather for gardening. Enjoy your week.

    1. Thanks Julie. We are really excited about our garden this year, and are excited to get planting.